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yoga books

The most authoritative spiritual yoga and meditation books:


The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali , the most authoritative and useful book for the yoga practitioner. Patanjali is known as the 'father' of yoga.  


Hatha Yoga Pradipika of Svatmarama

This book describes the asanas performed a yogi. This yoga book can only be read under the guidance of a Master. If this is practiced literally or incorrectly can be lethal! While the opposite is meant.


Yoga Dipika BKS Iyengar

The most complete Hatha Yoga book Yoga Dipika (Light on Yoga). This book contains all Yoga described by a file / picture and a description of where the exercise of state. Also, an index which exercises a certain state or condition are best suited.
Notes on the book !!! All trainers like to see pictures of the toes back into the body (90 degrees so not extend please).
Second comment on the Pranayama's is that they must be considered mentally. Not physically correct explanation only from an authorized Raya Yoga training. It is not wise just briefly explain, there is really need guidance from a guru. Better to do Pranayama (breathing) physically (too often).

Bhagavad Gita (part of the Mahabathara)

A form of the Bible for Hindi's. A story why there comes conflict. The lower self that is higher Self. (Best translation: Guus Nooteboom / Kuuk Nooteboom (Ankh-Hermes))


The Bible

For Western Yogi, remain vigilant that it is just a question of symbolism, as in every book. Everything is just symbols. The desire is that you learn from it, and not stuck in the story. all too often become shortsighted read. For example, the world was created in seven days. One day Brachman (the creator) is 10.00000000000000 year. Can you put some proposals on man, how's that? Incomprehensible is the whole, incomprehensible to man, but man thinks so, he understands or hear things.


Esoteric psychology T. Dethlefsen

In the book "The Meaning of sick are able how it works in life, if you well read and study is an enormous enrichment. The guarantees given very clear and bright. Perhaps my biggest recommendation, but yes, I know your way out.


The Secret Doctrine of HP Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky shows that each statement, faith and politics has a contrast and make any unlike firewood that you can solve your karma. Very intellectual fabric for a broad thinker.


Books Alice Bailey

Ms. Bailey lived beginning of the last century. A medium who has written many books whispered by Dwain Cool, great Yogi past. The books are full of wisdom, the whole cosmos is explained, unfortunately incomprehensible for the intellect and comprehension of man, hurry up short. Only readable if you've supplied. Your statements and prisons are no more: there is only universal space for this type of fabric.