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 Tadasana Standing yoga exercise: Exercise is also called Samasthiti - Sthiti means stop, fortitude. "The art of standing" Assembly: 1. Stand straight with feet together (heels and big toes touching each other). Distribute the weight evenly on both feet (on the village show the shoes wear spots?) 2. Straighten the knees firmly and bring the kneecaps up 3. Tilt the pelvis by tensing the muscles at the back of the femur 4. Pull the belly and bring the chest forward 5. Kin slightly pulled back and point the imaginary crown to the ceiling and relax the whole face. 6. Stretch the arms and hands along the body with the fingertips to the ground oriented. 7. Breathe in and out and experience the relaxed standing in this position. Effect: The even distribution of the body weight over the entire foot gives more energy. By proper discharge of energy through the feet to the ground, and directing the crown there is a better absorption of energy from the cosmos possible. Unwind stand promotes mental steadfastness and makes the mind clear. Note: This position serves as the basic attitude at the beginning of many asanas.