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Hein Braat

Hein Braat is the most famous singer of mantras in the Netherlands but also in many other countries it is gaining fame as "the king of the mantra." Most people who are interested in Eastern philosophies will probably already have taken note of his melodious voice.

Hein Braat has four CDs and MP3 downloads ten released and tries to take us there in the vibration of the sound. The Gayatri Mantra, one of the most beautiful mantras; Kali Mantra, fascinating and beautiful; Om Mani, a meditation in itself; Om Namaha Shivaya, experience a refreshing feeling; Surya Mantra, on this CD five mantras.
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Hein Braat

Mantras are sacred formulas from the Vedas.
Man tra means liberation of thinking. By focusing on the sound of the mantra you make yourself free from the thought patterns. You create space to allow the universe in your consciousness. In addition mantras are seed sounds that attract all kinds of qualities. Mantras are collected by saints like sounds from the universe, and for centuries orally transmitted to it as Vedas were written down and Tibetan writings. They are now accessible to everyone. Mantras are a bridge between your personality and your spiritual universal potential. Mantra experience brings you to healing and the deeper layers of the silent Self.
Writings: the Vedas. Unheard beautifully sung by Hein, easy to join and feel. Beautiful.
The second track on this CD is the Maha Mantra Mrityunjaya. And there is not just one! This mantra is considered to rejuvenate ourselves, preserve good health, promote wellness and prosperity and ensure a long life in peace, love, prosperity and contentment. That seems a lot, but just listen (with your heart, not with your ears) and yes, that is all. It is the mantra of Lord Shiva. It arouses the Shiva force within you and puts an end to terror and frees you from the cycle of life and death. More than impressive.
Hein Braat CD Om Namaha Shivaya / Brahma Murari
Hein Braat, with his extraordinary voice, sings the ancient Mantra Om Namaha Shivaya. Listen to it as a meditation or sing along to experience directly the 'reviving' feeling that this mantra evokes. In Indian devotion is right often used this mantra and there are numerous interpretations. Anyway, the essence of this Mantra is: "I honor the Self within me ...". The continuous recitation of this mantra (patiently and with dedication) would be nothing less than the lighting effect (may) have. Anyway, this mantra brings peace and reflection. Listen or join Hein's impressive voice and discover the silence within yourself. Also on this CD the beautiful Mantra Brahma Murari. 
Hein Braat CD Om Mani / order
The CD is a meditation in itself. By singing along you can experience the power of one of the most used Buddhist Mantras. Mani Mantra -also known genoemd- This is said to be the seat of all Mantras. If you own or Mantra forgotten for a special purpose, then this Om Mani Padme Hum (Tibetan: Om Mani Peme Hum) to use as a mantra of all Mantras. The six syllables "Om - Ma - Ni - Pad - Me - Hum" are dedicated to and will call Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. Let Hein Braat enchanted by his voice. The ancient and very deep working Mantra 'Om' fills the second part of this CD. 
Hein Braat CD Kali Mantra / Narayana / Om Namaha Shivaya
The mantra in honor and celebration of "Shakti". We live in the age of Kali, which shows the revival of all feminine aspects of the divine everywhere. The Kali Mantra is on the three-unit of creation, maintenance and destruction. Often Kali has a negative meaning, but that is not true: it is the imagination of the natural cycles, the creative and giving it new life. Shakti / Kali is life itself.
e Kali Mantra is to recognize and honor the deepest of all creation, it is the metaphor of total liberation from suffering, by destroying all new life is created. Kali appears in times when chaos and destruction must be reversed in Love and Balance. It is high time, seems .... A Mantra which will touch you deeply.
This CD also besides an abridged version of the Om Namaha Shivaya mantra chant the Narayana, which the innumerable names of the Higher recited. A fantastically beautiful CD, gets deep into your being. 
Hein Braat CD Gayatri Mantra / Mrityeonjaya Maha Mantra
One of the most beautiful and well-known mantras is the Gayatri Mantra. An invocation to the soul of 
freeing ignorance and darkness and -as get the sunlight-clarity in our insights. 
Insights to go that path, that our hearts will be lit and we progressively higher state 
can attain spirituality.

  • Hein Braat. Om Mani Padme Hum - CD € 18,00
  • Hein Braat. Om Namaha Shivaya - CD € 18,00
  • Hein Braat. Kali Mantra - CD € 18,00
  • Hein Braat. Gayatri Mantra - CD € 18,00