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Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga At Agni Yoga Agni or fire plays an important role as a creative force.

Agni means fire and yoga. Within Agni Yoga unification of body and mind is achieved through the awakening of our inner fire, without physical exercises. These fires awakening by showing love and brotherhood to fellow human beings, animals and nature.

When consciousness

Agni Yoga is mainly about quality and not quantity, a quality that is reflected in the purification of the heart so the look will be enhanced. By this way to increase the vibration, it is not only one's own health but also from the surrounding. By giving many practical suggestions Agni Yoga shows the way how this consciousness, which is characterized by ardent love, can be achieved. These indications show that everyday life serves as both school and training ground.

Own power

Agni Yoga is committed to achieving self-reliance of the goal, which encourages spiritual development. Agni Yoga leads to union with cosmic energies and to contribute to the expansion of consciousness. Share your experience and knowledge of Agni Yoga.