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Himalayan Salt & Ayurveda

Himalayan salt expensive and medicinal

Himalayan salt is true in the region of origin, the south-westernmost Himalaya, as traditionally particularly expensive and healing. According to tradition it dates from the time of the creation of heaven and earth, from the primordial water. Deep in the interior of the Himalayas primordial water was transformed to a salt crystal in which power of creation is stored. The salt myth appears perfectly correspond to scientific facts. Life originated in water, called primordial soup. The primordial soup of primordial sea contained the building blocks of life, the elements of which our body also still exists. Himalayan salt is taken from the dried parts of the primordial sea. It contains the elements of life in their original samensteling and ratio.

Water: the basis of all life and essential for the body

When water are the most important for the body, then salt can certainly be regarded as the second most important. However, there is a big difference in quality of salt. Due to the industralisatie it is of course salt "chemically cleaned up," and reduced to a combination of sodium and chlorine. We can actually no longer speak of salt, because it has become a chemical. Pure and natural Himalayan salt has been subjected to enormous pressure over millions of years. The higher the pressure, the more quality is the salt. Minerals that have an electrical charge in the body will be referred to as electrolytes. Elekrolyten as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride are essential for their own 'electricity' of the body. They allow information exchange between cells and the nervous system is functioning properly. Salt is important for a healthy electrolyte balance and is also indispensable for the essential interaction with water.

Why Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt is receivable salt. It contains 84 vital building blocks in the form of original minerals and trace elements. The building blocks of life are preserved in the oerzout. They are located in the crystal. In such small particles (colloidal) that they optimally be taken up by the cells of the body. The combination of water, salt and minerals is the basis of our health. Himalayan Salt with its wealth of features an elixir that itself is made by nature. The effects on the body that the immune system is enhanced, promoting the physiological equilibrium (homeostasis), stimulates the metabolic rate, body purifies and purifies and it energizes and harmonises. It also reduces the need for excessively sweet, salty and fatty foods as well as the craving for tobacco, alcohol and coffee. People with a low salt diet Himalayan salt use in dosage prescribed by the doctor to replace another salt.


Himalayan salt has many therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary uses. If the Himalaya Sugar is employed for internal use, then undergo the action for at least three months. Within this time most people experience the good effect. External application can yield immediate results. Himalayan salt is perishable. Salt naturally draw water, keep it in a dry place.

Living Water: Sol

A saturated solution of Himalayan salt in water is referred to as a sol. This sol can be seen as a reconstruction of the primordial water. One percent dilution of this is a real life water, like body fluids and body completely. Today, we are usually not sufficiently able to get all the necessary elements from our diet for our health. In addition, we are exposed to pollution by various xenobiotics. In the exchange process between the sol and the own body fluids to the body at the cellular level is enriched with original minerals and trace elements. Waste is discharged; the original balance is restored.

Creating a sol

A sol is a saturated solution of salt in water. To this end, you can fill a weckglas spring water and salt crystals. After four hours, there arises a saturated solution, and it is ready for use. The sol has an unlimited shelf life and can be refilled with water until the crystals (almost) been resolved. Undiluted sol can be used as a purifying mouth wash or for external use with sprains, insect bites, swelling and other skin disorders. Undiluted sol not use nasal and eye wash, due to irritation.

Sol drinking cure

In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of salt. To do this, mixing one teaspoon of the sol with a glass of water. It's not so much the quantity of the sol, but the quality and regularity of the daily intake. The body renews itself namely daily. Furthermore, it is recommended to use filtered or bottled water.


Apply at: bronchitis, forehead cavity inflammation or cold. Fill in a pan or tray with boiled water. The ratio should be at least 1% of salt, or 10 grams in one liter of water. A concentration of more than eight percent, however, gives better results. The concentration should be gradually increased from one percent to greater concentration. Once the salt is dissolved in the boiling water, the head can be covered with a towel above the pan. Bending far forward that it is just pleasant. Inhale sol ten to fifteen minutes. It takes about 30 minutes before the nose can be emptied.

Sol-nasal lavage

Apply at: sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, full nose and infection of the respiratory tract. Fill the neti pot at a ratio of 1% sol in water (10 grams, is approximately a small pinch, cooled on one liter of boiling water). The water should be boiled first and then cooling until it is lukewarm. Keep your head above the sink and insert the neti pot into one nostril in. Keep mouth closed and sit quietly with the head forward and turn to one side. The sol thus runs in the one nostril and the other again. Repeat this procedure with the other nostril. The concentration of 1% sol is equal to the concentration of salt in our body fluids and will not irritate the nose, such as seawater does. Irritation use less salt.

Sol eyewash

Apply at: dry or tired eyes or eye infections. (If you have makeup on, you should remove it first) Fill a small cup with a 1% sol solution. Hold the cup over the eye, so that the fluid can not escape. Lean over the head back and had the eye by blinking his eyes. 

Sol mouthwash

Apply at: gum pain, bleeding gums, bad taste, blisters or ulcers in the mouth. Fill a cup with a 1% sol solution and rinse of the mouth therewith.


Apply to: stress, detoxify, build resistance, psoriasis, too dry or oily skin, colds (not with high fever!), Sleep or relaxation. By a sol-bath out toxins and acids from the body and find a place transfer of the minerals dissolved in the bath water. You can use a bag with 1,000 grams of Himalayan salt for a bath. You can buy in the store. Also, it is possible to have 1 kg of dissolving crystalline salt in water of 37 degrees or 250 or 500 ml of a saturated sol do in the bath water. Here, too, requires a minimum concentration of 1% salt on water. also can always add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. The use of other additives is not recommended as soap or oil.
You can increase the effect of salt water by taking into account the position of the moon. At full moon takes your body energy and information from the crystal salt is the best; at new moon the detoxification will be the strongest. A salt bath is highly recommended enema after use and / or during fasting. The cleansing effect of a 30 minute sol-bath is even equal to fasting for three days. After a bath of about 20 to 30 minutes, rinse off not preferred, but dab gently on the skin with a towel and then let the skin air-dry. Take at least half an hour to rest after the bath.


Apply at: athlete's foot, foot fatigue or eczema. Fill a container with a concentration of 3% to 10% sol in water (60 to 200 grams of salt in 2 liters of hot water) and allows the feet 15 to rest for 30 minutes therein. feet Dab gently with a towel and allow the skin to dry air.


Apply to: herpes, warts, insect bites and pimples. The spots tapping several times a day with a cotton swab and let it soak for at least an hour. it is also possible for complaints such as gout, arthritis and sprains to combine the sol-related wet and cold bandage over it. For osteoarthritis and osteoporosis is a combination recommended by a wet and warm context.

Salt lamps

The lamps give a nice warm soft light. They have a revitalizing effect. Our performance and how we feel, is strongly according to scientists from the positive and negative parts (ions) in the air. An excess of positive ions emitted by computer monitors and other electronic devices, lethargy and depression can result. This phenomenon can be counteracted by a high concentration of negative ions. These are present in waterfalls, sea, after a thunderstorm or salt crystals. The salt lamp can make an important contribution to balance the electric charge of living and work areas.                                         

Himalayan Salt halite

Halite is the treasure of nature. Halite salt or diamond is the highest quality and most powerful form of salt. The beautiful crystalline structure owes halite, like the diamond, the enormous pressure under which it is established. Halite is attributed to a powerful, cleansing and harmonizing effect since time immemorial. Crystal Salt from the Himalayas is pure, completely natural salt in its original form. The salt comes from the deposits on the bottom of the primordial sea, some 250 million years ago. Under specific geological conditions this salt has long ago crystallized into perfect geometrical structures, also special big and beautiful halite crystals were formed. Because of its crystalline structure and the associated electro-magnetic properties of the Himalayan salt ensures an optimal interaction with the human body.

Himalayan Salt white

White Himalayan Salt cleanses and harmonises and can be used as drinking cure. Fill a weckglas with salt chunks whole with water. After four hours results in a saturated solution (sol), ready for use. Drink every morning on an empty stomach a glass of water enriched with a teaspoon sol. 

Halietzout ground

This ground Himalayan salt be used to replace ordinary table salt. However, the two can almost not be compared with each other, in view of the extremely high quality that this salt has Himalayas. Want to maintain quality, the better the salt is not cooking.
Himalayan Salt white granules for a salt mill
Halietzout either diamond salt is the highest quality and most powerful form of salt.

Himalayan pink salt

This is external to use both cosmetically and therapeutically. Use a dilution, for example, a teaspoon of sol (saturated solution) on a glass lukewarm well water for eye, nose and mouth rinse. Can also be used for brushing teeth, skin problems and for bathing.

Himalayan salt thermal baths

Himalayan salt spa bath cleanses and revitalises. Bathing in salt water has a detoxifying effect. Toxins and acids will disappear from the body and there will be a transfer of the minerals dissolved in the bath water. The cleansing effect of a 30 minute sol-bath is even equal to fasting for three days.

Himalayan Salt , Mother Earth's richest resource


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