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Himalayan Salts & Minerals

Millions of years ago by evaporating seawater mineral halite, also known as rock salt or salt diamond, arise.

Halite consists of salt, minerals and trace elements and comes from the treasury of nature. Himalayan salt is a special kind of halite salt and is the oldest in the world, it is mined in the Himalayas and is for many centuries used both internally and externally.

Building blocks

Himalayan salt contains 84 vital building blocks in the form of original minerals and trace elements. Halite works on all chakras, creates an inner balance and energizes. Experience the action of at least three maanden.Himalayazout has many uses and is a completely natural salt in its original form. Because of its crystalline structure and the associated electro-magnetic properties of the Himalayan salt ensures an optimal interaction with the human body.

Salt indispensable

Ie the gold salt of the earth is indispensable to life. Minerals that have an electric charge in the body are referred to as electrolytes. Electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride are essential for its own electricity from the body. They allow information exchange between cells and nervous system functioning properly. Two electrolytes, which are closely connected to each other, are sodium and chlorine. Together they form the salt: like the famous salt. This salt is not only important for a healthy electrolyte balance, but also indispensable for the essential interaction with water. Not all salt is equally healthy. So there is an added anti-caking on to salt and sometimes iodine.

Sol: living water

A saturated solution of Himalayan salt in water is referred to as a sol. This sol can be seen as a reconstruction of the primordial water. A 1 percent dilution of this is a real life water, like body fluids and body completely. Today, we are usually not sufficiently able to get all the necessary elements from our diet for our health. In addition, we are exposed to pollution by various xenobiotics. In the exchange process between the sol and the own body fluids to the body at the cellular level is enriched with original minerals and trace elements. Waste is discharged; the original balance is restored.

Creating a "sol"

A sol is a saturated solution of salt in water. A weckglas can be filled with spring water and lumps of Himalayan salt. After 4 hours, there arises a saturated solution, and it is ready for use. The sol has an unlimited shelf life and can be refilled with water until the crystals (almost) been resolved.

Applications of sol:

  • Sol drinking cure
  • Sol-inhalation (in the case bronchitis, forehead cavity inflammation, colds)
  • Sol-nasal rinse with nasal douche / Neti (at forehead cavity inflammation, chronic rhinitis, full nose, infection of the respiratory tract)
  • Sol eyewash (for dry eye, eyestrain, eye infections, barley)
  • Sol mouthwash (for gum pain, bleeding gums, bad taste in the mouth, blisters or ulcers in the mouth)
  • Sol-bath
  • Sol-foot
  • Sol-related (in arthritis, gout, knee problems, sprains, arthritis, liver and bile problems, indigestion, kidney problems, cold feet, fever, activating metabolic, influenza).