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Bowls can cause dramatic changes in body, soul and spirit of man. Their vibrations are not only caught the ear, but the whole body. It is soothing and thus bowls are widely used in relaxation and meditation sessions. 

  • The vibration of bowls has a positive effect on the human well-being in general:
  • The life energy is stimulated;
  • Rest and relaxation occurs;
  • They sleep better;
  • The improved concentration;
  • The blood pressure is normal;
  • The immune system is in equilibrium;
  • The are synchronized left and right hemisphere of the brain;
  • Creativity is enhanced;                                  
  • The respiration is harmonized;
  • You experience hearing improvements;
  • One feels more comfortable. 

These are the actions that contribute to increase the vitality and overall vitality. A number of diseases which arise can be addressed from an unbalanced state, such as headache, migraine, high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, bed-wetting, stuttering, back pain, etc.

The singing bowl is not a substitute for a drug!

  • In any case, always consult a physician case of stubborn disease, chronic or serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, heart disease, psychiatric diseases, and so on, it is desirable for the tone scale treatment.
  • At leisure, you can surrender and join a sound vibration. If you are too tense and thereby shut yourself sound and sound, the sound vibrations would just be counterproductive and can give a very unpleasant feeling.
  • Listen, feel and look are the ways to indicate which one can observe a singing bowl and one can explore gradually.
  • Bowls give in different ways their singing show price. The first tool you need is a drum stick with felt or rubber ball and wooden beaters. The private hands are also very good percussion instruments. Another technique to sing the notes in the scale, with a smooth circular motion rub stick around along the border: a howling is increasingly heard.
  • By concerts or to undergo so-called sound massages or experiment yourself, start becoming more 'westerners' to explore all possibilities and aspects of special bowls.
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