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The theory of yoga posture

Asana means posture and performing a yoga posture seeks to flow of energy in our body and being to come about. This results in stability, flexibility and health.

Yoga postures are called asanas, they are designed to develop every muscle, nerve and gland in the body. An elastic body without stiff muscles is healthy. Illness makes concentration difficult. Asana brings stability and makes the limbs light.

Raja Yoga is aimed at eliminating all turbulence that affects the mind. The disorders are eliminated from the body, then tackled thinking. 

Many acrobats have a very well developed body, controlling the body but not the mind, thinking and feeling, the Self. The yogi puts himself no chastisements, but cherishes the body and mind, because this is a means to achieve salvation. 

Effects of the asanas are:

  •  your body is resistant to fatigue and stress;
  •  suitable for practicing pranayama;
  •  more willpower.

Also, reducing the attack on the part of the pairs of opposites is an elaboration. 

Thanks to the Yamas, the moral principles and Niyamas can you successfully tackle the asanas. The energy, Prana flows through you, perhaps even more difficult, but it flows. There are quiet moments occasionally, and that calm feeling you could experience in all conditions.

Energy Flow

Asanas offer you the opportunity to improve your energy flow, also in daily life in all sorts of difficult physical postures. How many are not changing mood, just because they turn around to look behind him. How many times are you going to change position on your chair, you toss at night in bed. Asanas teach you to feel comfortable in the physical body at all times. 

From a break've seen what goes into your body resentfully, stiff, feels uncomfortable. Then choose one asana to the area of your body where it occurs. The attitude you choose to activate simply that particular center. This gives you more flow in that area, too balanced flow. Doing the exercise right and left, trying Sattva, harmony, to get into the exercise. The longer you can maintain this harmony, the more chance you have that your energy channels remain in harmony. 

Looks you stand motionless inside your raging battle. Try with mental power to restore calm. You do that by sending mental energy toward the most critical center. The large amount of energy it can gather all solve many problems. Always send you mentally when that is asana, standing literally.