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Purifying products

Our prosperity and the accompanying industrialization of the water on our planet seriously polluted. The number of unwanted substances in our drinking water is steadily growing, but we know what effect these remnants lime, chlorine, bacteria, drugs, fluorine and herbicides on our bodies?
Lime from the water, for example, are not absorbed by the body and can cause, among other blockages in blood vessels. Lime where our bodies do what has to sit in our (organic) food. Drinking tap water is by this contamination should not have just a purifying effect without risk to our health, while water because much waste can include.  
We are many that everyone should have access to safe drinking water and vital without burdening the environment with carrying large amounts of bottled water.
To have healthy drinking water we purify the unique Yogitri water purification device to tap water depth and to revitalize a low price.