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Tantra Yoga

Tantra is the way of the full acceptance of all. The idea is that everything is God, everything is good.

Tantra is Sanskrit for expansion and freedom and is a ritual practice from the Vedic tradition, which focuses on mental expansion and liberation. This form of yoga focuses on the development of human strength, both through meditation as well as by the direct confrontation with difficult conditions for overcoming fears and weaknesses.

Tantra is usually associated with sex in the West. Because sex in most cultures with taboos surrounded the tantra breaks this taboo by accepting it completely. Tantra Yoga is a form of yoga duo where the recipient by the giver, is run by gentle movements, to different attitudes. There were six main branches developed within the tantra (painca Tantra), each with its own specialty.

These are:

  • 1.shaeva tantra or shaevacara;
  • 2.shakta tantra or shaktacara;
  • 3.vaeshnava / Vishnu tantra or vaeshnavacara;
  • 4.ganapatya / ganapati tantra or ganapati cara;
  • 5.surya tantra or saoracara;
  • 6.Kum nye or tantra nanda.

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