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Ear Candles

It is enjoyed during Ayurveda ear candling therapy, with the spicy scent of the plants and honey coming from the Indian culture. The Hopi Indian relaxation ceremony is beneficial and soothing. The oorkaarstherapie is body cleansing. The candles are made from 100% natural ingredients.

The legend

The power of fire has fascinated mankind since ancient times. With the control of this element gave light and warmth. The ear candles a similar fascination. For centuries they have also known as a natural means in different cultures. Historical roots can be found in the steppe peoples of Siberia, in Asia and in North and South American Indians. Ancient rock paintings show the use of ear candles at initiation rituals and medicinal ceremonies. The Hopi, the oldest Pueblo people with great medicinal knowledge and a high degree of spirituality, brought this to Europe with the professional involvement of BIOSUN. Since 1985, we started the first company with the use of ear candles to further investigate and bring back into the spotlight. Since then, more and more people in our culture to know the beneficial effects of this ancient ceremony and appreciate.


The active principle

BIOSUN Earcandles working body cleansing. A slight negative pressure (chimney effect) in the ear candle and a vibration due to rising air to the natural movement of the flame, giving a gentle massage of the eardrum. This produces an intense feeling of pleasant warmth and a "liberating" feeling pressure control in ear forehead and sinus area. 
This physical stimulus is almost immediately after use described as a pleasurable feeling, reducing pressure and pain, especially in the head and ear area. Spontaneously may also cause freer nasal breathing and an improved sense of smell, even when a hitherto stuffy nose. Moreover, this ceremony gives a wonderful feeling of relaxation. A rare sensation of happiness and security.


Good quality with the best raw materials

All Original BIOSUN Ear candles are still being made with loving caring labor. According to the traditional recipe and the best controlled commodities. Without any compromise is used cotton of best quality, ie no pesticides in the fields and no chemical treatment during processing. The differences in color or length are quality features of craftsmanship and are distinctive of this fine product. Biosun used for only very pure beeswax ear candles, honingexteact traditional Indian herbs such as sage, St. John's herb, chamomile and 100% natural essential aromatic essences.


Power and security

More and more satisfied customers around the world BIOSUN Earcandles. From our 15 years of experience in the field of ear candling and the high quality standards they are thankful for. The brand mark and the safety filter make use easy and secure. BIOSUN Ear candles are tested by independent institutes. It's approved products to the EU Directives 93/42.



Harmony of body, soul & spirit

Succeeded in convincing concept for the first time, connect the benefits of ear candling with the capabilities of traditional aromatherapy. All flavors are formulated according to the ancient Chinese rules of Yin and Yang. Thus unique, new flavor combinations arise that balanced male and female interpretations united.

BIOSUN earcandles excellence

Obviously the side Biosun earcandles pure, natural and contain no preservatives strange.


oorkaars behandeling

A relaxed and comfortable feeling

Enjoy the spicy scent of the plants and the honey coming from the Indian culture, the soft rustle of the ear candle. Distant memories are of deep trust and security you again awakened. The ear candle also reduce the subjective symptoms of ear and head area.


An intensive experience of inner harmony and peace of mind 

Read the following carefully before starting treatment.                                                                                                                                                     


To obtain optimum performance, you create a pleasant atmosphere for example, our Indian relaxation music and our scented oils. Have a glass of water within reach and also check that no hairs are in the vicinity of the flame. The treatment area may not be on heat and the patient will be covered up during the treatment and recovery period. One takes a lateral position to easy, head lights supported by a cushion so that the ear is directed upwards. Close your eyes and enjoyed the moments of relaxation. When the burning of the candle small cold particles may fly off shaft (no danger of burns). If you wish, you can shield the hair and clothing with a cloth.


Igniting and burning:

After the preparations partner takes place at the head. Before them in the ear always put the ear candle lighting on the side not described. This is located on the other side of the safety filter.

The non-burning end of the ear candle is placed vertically in the ear with a slight twisting motion, and with a gentle pressure down to completely close off the ear canal.
The ear candle is well placed if one sees smoke from the ear canal and a nice crackling sound is detected.
The hand rests over the ear of the patient, the clamped ear candle between the fingers, it gives a feeling of safety and protection.
The ear candle will not turn itself off. Let them burn up to about 1 cm above the red line certainly no further. Remove the ear candle than with a slight twisting motion from the ear and smother them in a glass of water.

treat both ears

One should continue to handle both ears, ear after ear, so that one ensures the energetic balance. After removing the ear candle it makes the ear gently with a clean oorlepeltje to remove any condensation residues linger on the small front and ear hair in the ear canal.



A subsequent resting period of approximately 15-30 minutes, supports in a very positive manner, the after-effects. Here too soft to background music and smell aromas atmosphere only improve.



The ear candles can be best stored in a dry and cool place in a sealed container.




  • bout 22 cm long and burn about 10-12 minutes. Using ear candles is working with fire, so there is danger of candles are aOSUN EBI
  • For security reasons it is advisable to place ear candles themselves off. Always leave the treatment on for a second person, such as your partner or friend.
  • en it is safe to use and the person who has chosen also totally relaxed and fully enjoy the oorkaarsenbehandeling.It must strictly follow our instructions th
  • You have chronic or acute symptoms? Or are you not sure an ear candle treatment it is good for you? So ask advice from the therapist of your choice.
  • In a perforated eardrum, implants of the middle ear ossicles acute ear infections and skin disorders of the ear and ear canal is a treatment with ear candles are generally not recommended.
  • anifested by itching and quickly resolve with ear drops.Very rarely is there an allergic reaction, which may be m
  • The use of ear candles principle is at your own responsibility.
  • If you take on the accompanying user experience that you use is easy and secure.


  • Ear candles 2 pcs Traditional € 6,25
  • Biosun natural ear candles 10 pcs € 29,25
  • Biosun natural ear candles 50 pcs € 140,00
  • Biosun ear candles natural 100 pcs € 265,00