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Aerial yoga

Aerial yoga aerial yoga, also called Antigravity Yoga or Hammock called yoga is a form of yoga that yoga asanas combined with controlled movements.

What you need for a towel or yoga wing that is strong and responsible attached so you can hang in your body and gravity. It's a new trend in yoga where you pushed on a personal and spiritual level your limits. Practicing yoga relieves this way to stabilize the muscles and joints, shoulders and smooth, strengthen the abdominal muscles and spine is flexible. Aerial yoga Antigravity Yoga, developed by former gymnast and dancer Christopher Harrison, Harrison developed Antigravity Yoga as training which stretch and strengthen without overloading joints and spine.

The key to Anti Gravity Yoga is the hammock, a strip of silk-like substance which acts as a support. Using the hammock, you learn to invert and hang suspended in the air. The cloth supports the hips and acts as a seat. This form of yoga, arising out of Iyengar yoga relaxes both body and mind in a special way. By carrying out the exercises in the cloth be more easily determined the postures while others require more concentration. The power and flexibility you get from Antigravity postures offer power and flexibility in yoga. Share your experience and knowledge about aerial yoga