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Swara yoga

In the Swara yoga is studied the teachings of the nadis. The Nadis are energy channels in the body. Swara Yoga is an ancient science that existed before the Vedic period.

Swara is the science of nasal breathing, meaning 'sound' or musical note in Sanskrit and means the continuous flow of breath through the nostril. This form of yoga is an ancient tantric science, aiding a realization of cosmic consciousness through a systematic study of the flow of breath. Swara yoga shows that the flow of breath each nostril dominates alternately and periodically.

The flow of breath from one nostril to the other changes frequently, so the balance of the entire system, the central objective of Swara Yoga. Swara Yoga, the relationship between the dominance of breath and the various activities of the body and the personality. The flow of breath at regular intervals gives a pattern and a rhythm that affects the physical and mental condition.

Swara Yoga pays attention not only to the quantity of breath through each nostril, but also its position in the nostril. In ancient times it was believed that by learning to read and manipulate the breath, would be the condition of maintaining harmony with the outer and inner world. The breath would be allowed to flow uniformly.

When the breath is balanced, there is a shift in consciousness. The breath flowing in the right nostril is 'Pingala' and left 'Ida'. Left means an association with the lunar while the right is associated with solar energy. The nose is in direct contact with the hypothalamus of the brains and via the sensory nerves associated with subtle nerves or the nadis. The main technique of Swara Yoga is to influence the nadis, after which prana flows to all parts of the body. Share your experience and knowledge of Swara yoga.