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Yoga, Ayurveda and Awareness

Foundation Fascinating aims to provide independent advice and information on those topics that we believe; the fascinating world from Yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle. At the core of our philosophy is to make it aware of the prevailing lifestyle, diet, physical exercise and mental activities, in order to achieve a pure balance in mind, body and soul.

Fascinating has a clear MISSION

Our mission is to contribute to make mankind itself out, whether it comes to lifestyle, diet or spiritual. As catalyst we use ourselves, our knowledge about yoga, yoga styles and yoga products or props, if the right yoga mat or meditation cushion and Ayurvedic lifestyle, to share with you.


Ayurvedic and yoga focuses on maintaining health and strengthening it. Disease indicates a disharmony with its own nature and should be used to strengthen its own power back on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Yoga focuses from the individual to the whole, the connection and ignores the individual consciousness in order to achieve unity of experience. Ayurveda provides guidelines from the experience of unity, focus on physical health; the body is the temple of the soul. Worldwide, the Ayurvedic science has many followers and this knowledge has been integrated in many other cultures than in Buddhism.

 The significance of Yoga Yoga means 'connection' or 'communicate'. Yoga focuses from the individual, on the whole, the connection and passes the individual consciousness to come to unity experience. Everything is in "connection." The wait for connection in 'Peace'. Practicing yoga consists of three parts; build, hold and come out of the exercise. Following Ayurveda? Ayurveda means some knowledge of life, is a health science that has emerged between the Indus and Ganges. Within the Ayurvedic way of life is looked at mind and body as collaborative entirely up. The lifestyle aimed at preventing disease and creating wellness. meditation; concentration, meditation and contemplation! In Yoga, meditation is a three-way split, concentration, meditation and contemplation to bring about sharper insights. Meditating means practically sit long in one position so that the body can begin to feel uncomfortable. A rich meditation cushion with the right height ensures that there can be long meditated. Why use a yoga mat? For centuries, yoga is practiced without a yoga mat but mid 50s there was a change. A good yoga mat, which fits the shape or style yoga that is practiced, provides support and prevents injuries. Yoga mat top coat should be stiff and provide stability so that the asanas and other physical exercises can be performed safely.

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