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Pitta information

Characteristics of Pitta

Pitta: principle of transformation.

Pitta is the constitution which is formed by the element of fire under the influence of water. Pitta is the fire of transformation. Incineration is a process of transformation. Pitta has to do with the body metabolism and digestion. Pitta individuals can often suffer from a fiery character.

The bodily functions are governed by Pitta: metabolism, digestion, hormone and enzyme balance, vision, coloration, lower stomach, sweat glands, blood, eyes, skin, heart and liver.

Seat of Pitta in the body: head is small intestine

Physical characteristics of Pitta: normal build, skin is normal and has little pigment, it is quite thin and not deep color (sometimes hair loss), teeth and nails normal eyes penetrating and of normal size, good digestion and frequent bowel movements, voice is clear and somewhat sharp, sex life is mediocre to good sexual charisma is not so big, clear way of moving and walking, sensitive to heat, sleep is moderate to good.

Mental characteristics of Pitta

Energetic, competitive intelligence, great emotionality, charming, courteous, accurate, combative, insight, good leadership qualities, driving energy, good memory.
Pittadosha - element fire / water - quality transformation

Pitta-balancing lifestyle and dietary advice

  • Pitta types are hot and fiery. They are people of action, their thoughts tend to turn into action. They naturally have a strong digestion. When these qualities are too strong, it is good to moderate them. So make sure as pitta people adequate cooling. Do not give heed situations in which heat physically or mentally. You will also not so pleasant. In saunas or during the hot summer months you perspire heavily and quickly. In discussions and disagreements, you will notice that you are strong, you want to turn right, maybe even angry or aggressive and that afterwards you can regret. It's better to be yourself this consciously and moderate your own time.
  • Regarding your lifestyle you can maintain normal schedules. It is not necessary to sleep extra long or short. Maintain a normal average night's sleep. Regularity in the lifestyle is good for pitta, because it can prevent excitement. It is really only in that respect is important.
  • You can pitta qualities (clarity of mind, making creativity, leadership, decisiveness) use, but try to always be aware of how you handle it, so you can avoid extremes. Remember that our society tends to stimulate your pitta properties. Know your limits so!


Pitta-balancing diet avoids or limits the tastes sharp and acidic. Digestion is already naturally strong and need not be additionally stimulated. The pitta diet may both vata enhancing flavors include bitter and astringent when kapha reinforcing tastes sweet and salty. It is still wise to be somewhat moderate with salt because they taste yet has also enhancing pull pitta. If pitta type, ask yourself whether you yourself in your attempt to balance pitta which will go to vata and kapha to the side. Are you a movable pitta you work more with sweet (and salty) you are a peaceful pitta you work more bitter and astringent.
The Ayurvedic is not advocated generally for using raw, but the strong digestive pitta capable of processing some raw vegetables. Also cool food he / she can use more than the other types, especially in the summer. But still be careful to extinguish the agni (digestive fire) by "ice"! Use at least not boiling hot foods or drinks. Let food be moderately heavy.
Consider further that almost all herbs are sharp and increase pitta and salads are often mixed with acid and then also pitta are increasing. So, be moderate with herbs.

By using preference *:

  • Vegetables: potatoes, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, peas, green leafy vegetables, cucumber, cabbage, okra, mushrooms, peppers, celery, lettuce, green beans, Brussels sprouts, chicory, sweet potatoes.
  • legumes: chickpeas, mung beans, bean curd (tofu), and other soy products.
  • fruit: sweet and ripe fruit! pineapple, apples, avocados, grapes, prunes, cherries, coconut, mangoes, melons, pears, plums, raisins, oranges, figs.
  • Cereals: barley, oats, wheat, white rice.
  • Dairy: butter, ghee, milk, egg white, ice cream.
  • Meat and fish: shrimp, turkey, chicken (small amounts)
  • oils: coconut oil, olive oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil.
  • sweeteners: all acceptable, except honey, syrup and molasses.
  • Nuts / seeds: coconut, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.
  • Herbs: Generally avoid, but dill, turmeric (turmeric), cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, mint, saffron, fennel and cumin small amounts may be due to their sweet, bitter or astringent nature.

So avoid or limit sour milk products such as cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream and other acidic products such as pickles, pickles etc. And also avoid extra hot spices like chilli, pepper, soy sauce.

Pitta guidelines summarized:

Cooling or hot, no steaming hot foods;
Taste bitter, sweet and sour;
Bitter and sour pitta can take the form of salads and legumes, the latter curb appetite and get away excess moisture;
In summer cool refreshing foods, salad of leafy vegetables;
Too much pitta can give acidity, therefore, moderate with cheese, yogurt, sour cream, pickles;
Fermented and alcohol increase pitta;
Herbal teas like peppermint and licorice;
Lots of milk, cereals and vegetables;
Deep-fried is warm, salt, and heavy, and for pitta not good, also processed food is often too salty and / or acid;
Brinta breakfast of muesli or cereal;
Red meat works heating.

Pitta properties are identified by the following characteristics:

  • average height, slim and fijngebouwden;
  • red or brown hair;
  • premature graying or balding;
  • thin and silky hair;
  • gentle warm skin;
  • little wrinkles;
  • coppery, yellowish, red or white skin complexion;
  • green, gray or brown eyes;
  • soft nails;
  • sharp nose, sometimes with a red tip;
  • strong metabolism;
  • good digestion;
  • high urine output;
  • tendency to excessive sweating;
  • often warm hands and feet;
  • susceptible to natural light;
  • susceptible to heat;
  • susceptible to hard work;
  • sleep often long and uninterrupted.

Digestion, appetite, food and drink of the Pitta type:

  • Good digestion;
  • Food and drink a lot;
  • Like sweet, bitter and sharp taste.

Characteristics of Pitta type:

  • quick-witted;
  • intelligent;
  • good speakers;
  • tend to hatred, anger and jealousy;
  • like to be leader;
  • love of material things, including property;
  • are financially often good;
  • happy to flaunt luxury and opulence.

Get it in balance Pitta

People with pitta is out of balance, so people with excess pitta, susceptible to alcohol and cigarettes, including overtime, overexertion and overheating they tolerate poor. If they are out of balance, they can be overwhelmed by negative emotions such as hostility, jealousy and intolerance. Pitta types do take care to literally and figuratively for cooling. If pittamensen doing exercise, they do best in the coolest part of the day.

In short the best life looks like this:

  • Avoid excessive mental activity (thinking and speaking)
  • do not smoke;
  • Avoid loud and aggressive music;
  • Avoid excessive heat and direct sun (summer)
  • allow plenty of free time;
  • take enough exercise;
  • looking for new challenges;
  • Avoid sleur- take any alcohol, coffee, black tea or drugs.