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Levensbeschouwingen & geloofsovertuigingen


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There are many types of attitudes and beliefs that you can take as a human being. Every belief is connected to its principles, ideals or regulations. In our opinion, they all come from yoga . The first word that thousands of years ago described on palm leaves in the Vedas. You can believe anything you believe it or not adhering or know that something is, but it can not be described. To what extent is there really a conscious decision by yourself and also this view is determined by including your environment, character, structure of DNA, heredity factors, karma or the "self-evident" influence whatsoever. Believe only what you're aware and you can find all the Eastern concepts of karma, meridians, chakras so strange? More information about yoga , which literally means 'connection' means.


Transferred knowledge

To what extent is sacred book knowledge through the centuries not infected with human interests or ideas? What example did Christ mean by "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"? Compare this with a professor of mathematics who has to write a book a child of 5 years. Very complicated formulas. He can describe the truth and a reader have the proper knowledge to understand the core? If he only reads what he wants to read? To obtain knowledge of its desirable goal? Is that goal still consistent with the purpose of the Creator? Transferred knowledge is a piece of equipment to develop you. Trust the true Creator in your Self.


Symbolic concepts

The danger is that people attached to statements that are not based on truth. The frictions that are described in the book are about the inner process. For example, the male / female aspect, these are symbolic notions about female and male element in you. It is not an exterior that is better than another. All a game of symbols and terms for harmony in your astral world. Where one sees God as the other sees the devil. No, it just goes to two opposites in yourself. purifying yourself and harmonizing. Not another. There is for example in the Bible: Why do you look at the speck in the eye of your brother, and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to them, 'Let me remove the speck out of your eye,' as long as you have a beam in your own eye? Your karma clearing, perhaps that is the goal of your life.