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 Meditation cushions Most of the meditation cushions are round, followed by crescent and rectangular models offer more space to the legs. The imprint on meditation cushions is diverse, often beautiful characters or symbols whether embroidered or printed and plain. The colors of the plain pillows are the chakra colors. The cushions are made of high quality cotton fabric and a thin cotton inner cover with zipper or spout conclusion drawn closed with a thin cord. The filling is usually buckwheat chaff or kapok. Review Meditation cushions Meditation cushions are available in many designs, styles and colors. Developments in the field of yoga and meditation are not static. We have put a number of meditation cushions for you below. You can find these in the left column. Give your opinion so that we can bring our products to an even higher level. Use meditation cushion height of the meditation cushion can be experienced for a novice meditating too low because the leg muscles to get used to the meditation posture. The knees are not still on the ground. To overcome this, it is advisable to put the meditation cushion on its side and then sit down. Another solution is to sit on two cushions or place a pillow or yoga block as support under the knees. Experience shows that the muscles are fast and agile that meditation cushion will be getting lower. Iswara Iswara The term comes from the Sanskrit and represents energy of peace, which is 30 cm height is the earth (mass). This ensures that the earth chakra is in the energy, so that you are in while meditating in a quiet state. Bindu Bindu The gates are 15 cm below the coccyx and 5 cm above the crown. These are represented in Hatha, Ha means sun and tha moon. By keeping the back straight will flow the energy through the seven chakras. The filling of the meditation cushion buckwheat chaff which the meditation cushion filled ensures good conduction of body heat which continues to feel the pillow cool and comfortable. Buckwheat is resilient, cool, dimensionally stable, is comfortable and provides good support which can be meditated long and relaxed. In addition, buckwheat chaff durable, odorless and long lasting good. When the cushion is used meditation frequent changes of wear after some time the filling. These can then be refilled problems. It is good to once every 1 to 2 years to breathe the stuff, this, remove the stuffing from the pillow and let rest for a few days on a rug or sheet. What is buckwheat? Buckwheat is a pseudo type of grain, there can namely by the absence of gluten none of bread to be baked, but it may serve well as a base for pancakes. Buckwheat is practically not grown in the Netherlands. The outer layer of this "cereal" is deleted so as to make it suitable for consumption buckwheat. The chaff remains and has always been highly suitable as filler include meditation cushions. The shape of the husk ensures the resilience of the cushion. The buckwheat chaff refilling of the meditation cushion, can be ordered through our webshop. Filling the zabuton Kapok is a product of the kapok tree. From the ripe fruit of the kapok tree forming a strand of soft fibers, which consists of the hairs on the seeds. These fibers are used, as a filling for meditation mats. It is a soft, natural fiber with excellent moisture management, is breathable, elastic, firm and heat insulating. The filling makes sure that you can comfortably do your exercises. Interesting links: