Yoga - Meditation - Ayurvedic
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 Who are we? The whole creation is fascinating together! Sometimes it suddenly. Your breath catches, your mouth drops open, fix your eyes and for a brief moment, there is a fusion of body, soul and spirit. For awhile, it is temporary, freestanding, everyday, in the light of the eternal, universal, unspeakable. Fascinating! This kind of 'fascinating' moments may occur spontaneously. But whose tastes tackle- and thirsty for more, here can with the necessary training or instruction also actively seek. What kind of training that is? It usually depends on the culture in which you grew up. One grows up with Buddhism, the other with Taoism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam or even more modern, just the faith in their own strength. In principle it does not matter because in fact, every man in the core need of fascination. But what is it: fascination? Now, the word itself is derived from the Latin word 'fascere' meaning (re) bind. And this (re) binding is closely related to the well-known concepts of 'religion' and 'yoga'. Religion means "reconnection" and yoga is akin to the Dutch 'yoke' (like cheekbone), which again is a synonym for connection. Well regarded his religion, yoga and other forms of spirituality pathways in fascination, in connection with the AL, the Self, God or whatever name you like to add to this also. It is the deep desire to be reinstated in the unity which we have all emerged. Fascinating things With this site we hope to bring all visitors into contact with many fascinating things: inspiring lyrics that are bundled in the informative part and also plenty of books, DVDs, CDs and pure and unique products in the online store or wholesaler that may contribute to clear so that there is more room for these fascinating moments. Look So look around and if you get really fascinated, which will be mostly in silence. Sometimes it is to share, do not hesitate to share it with other visitors in the guestbook or forum. Who are we? We are a group of people who all have a different character and attitude. From all corners of society. All with different insights and truths. We do not proclaim that we have the right truth to be found. Or discernment have what someone is good or bad. One thing we have in common. We try to work with an open heart. With an open heart, we mean that the energy is directed inward, but outward. Not really interest you, but for the common good. Universal importance. Everyone can say this quickly and maybe even really think they do this. But almost always it is not so. We are all so sly. Such beautiful words. But when it really comes down we still choose for ourselves. Master Jesus said: Sell everything and follow me "Who dares to Your principles.?