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Yin yoga

Yin yoga reinforcing and stilling form Yin yoga is a quiet, open form of yoga for an average fitness and health. Yin yoga transforms resistance and judgment through to yogastretches of curiosity.

Work is underway on the deeper muscles, bones, ligaments and meridians. The body is not used to arrive at an attitude but the attitude is at the service of the body. The founder is the American Paul Grilley who teaches yoga and anatomy. His theory is based on studies and writings on the origin of Tokyo Hiroshi Motoyama, which as a yoga practitioner and scientist has extensive knowledge of energy channels and acupuncture.


Yin yoga is uitstekt suitable for those who load joints and connective tissues in the pelvis and spine. The body then needs a lot of energy to stay upright shorten where there muscles.

When Yin yoga muscles are released. This form of yoga is best programs are practiced in the morning because the muscles are still stiff so you will rush to the connective tissues and joints. Chris Ramkema is the one who brought the form Yin yoga to the Netherlands. He has his yoga school in The Hague.