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Pranayama (power control)

Pranayama is from yoga philosophy discussed the main energy management. The pranayama are taught in two forms in the Netherlands. Depending on the teacher be given either form or one of the two forms. One of yoga is physical (focusing on breathing) and the other form is mental (focus on energy, prana). It is highly recommended to learn the pranayma's a good teacher.


Retraction of the energy (Pratyahara)

Pratyahara is the withdrawal of energy: the senses and the senses. Hara you from ontsta, compaction energy. Contraction of air fire (you). Once true knowledge, there is light.

  • Become aware of your problems and surrender it makes it soft and thin;
  • Let streams of energy and does not clot because if it solidifies you get stone formation;
  • Do not mind the term but impressed.



Yoga aims to restore harmony in the energies that go through us, to find our natural state of consciousness and recognize that we imperturbable and inner sense of bliss.