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Kashmir yoga

Basis of Kashmir yoga is based on the sense of touch and the working of the energy body. Kashmir yoga comes from Hatha Yoga as taught by Jean Klein. He himself called this no yoga but bodywork or body awareness.


The non-dualistic conception stood before him at odds with the term Yoga, which states that there is a path and a goal. Closed eyes Kashmir Yoga is a combination of mindfulness meditation and yoga energy.


The contacting with the sense of touch makes Kashmir yoga profound and unique. Due to the asanas to be carried out with closed eyes, the attention is directed to the inside and to examine the boundaries of the body. By understanding an attitude, every part of the experience movement, deep relaxation is experienced in the mind, emotions and body. This creates a sense of space and tranquility.


Jean Klein, the specific approach of Jean Klein, affects the awakening of the energy of the subtle body (the energy body) to achieve recognition of our true nature. To this end he introduced the deconditioning of the senses and working with the energy body. In Kashmir yoga focuses on the energy body, not on the physical body.

Jean Klein also practiced and gave instruction in Hatha yoga. Advaita yoga is a form of self-examination consists of two parts: Kashmir yoga and Advaita yoga. In the book 'The Book of Listening "explains Jean Klein how to" listen "to your body using your sense of touch. Share your experiences and knowledge about Kashmir yoga.