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Music, Mantra and Ayurveda

Music is associated with a state of mind where you are or want to sit correctly. Then music acts as a kind of food. The question is which diet you want to include in your. Music is often used consciously or unconsciously to refuel equally tasty energy. You feel attracted to a genre (style) associated with your genes (DNA) and character. Of course, related to age, the environment, etc.
If it has been given a place in your emotion as will allow to recognize an attraction or even a rejection. It can be an outlet to get stronger if you just leave somewhere stuck loose. It can also give concentration to get a feel. Many forms of popular music, there came over the centuries.
This fit the expression of that particular time and group consciousness, a lifestyle group also called karma. Mozart has exceptionally been able to handle all possible melodies in his tracks. When you raise a chime 36 times it has become a color. The true effect of these vibrations are incomprehensible to humans.



Meditative forms of noise are thousands of years old. This meditative forms are available with and without the sound of the voice. When the sound of the voice is there, they are called mantras. Mantras are sacred formulas from the Vedas. Man tra means liberation of thinking. By focusing on the sound of the mantra you make yourself free from the thought patterns. You create space to allow the universe in your consciousness.

In addition mantras are seed sounds that attract all kinds of qualities. Mantras are collected by saints like sounds from the universe, and for centuries orally transmitted to it as Vedas were written down and Tibetan writings. They are now accessible to everyone. Mantras are a bridge between your personality and your spiritual universal potential. Mantra experience brings you to healing and the deeper layers of the silent Self.


 Gayatri Mantra , one of the most famous and beautiful Mantras

Hein Braat is the most famous mantra singer Netherlands. Also known in many other countries as "the king of the mantra." Most people who are interested in Eastern philosophies will alwel noting his melodious voice on the tapes and later CDs. He tries to take us into the vibration of the sound.

More information about Dutch famous singer mantra, Hein Braat


Krishna Das

Probably the most famous mantra singer in the world which has released many CDs, is Krishna Das


Below are, in our opinion, some good CDs with mantras:

  • Below are, in our opinion, some good CDs with mantras:
  • The meditative sound of Buddh
  • Henry Marshall Mantras CDs
  • Ganesh Mantra
  • Dewa Che - Dechen Shak-Dagsay
  • Tibetan Incantations - The meditative sound of Buddh
  • Tibetan - The mediative Sound Of Buddhist Chants


Other recommended music for spiritual growth:


Stef Bos

Many songs are really beautiful. Especially issued the spiritual word is given beautifully on the latest CDs Stef Bos. This gives a lot of recognition of softness. Full of love and devotion from an open heart. Stef Bos still regularly concerts in theaters in the country. I encourage you to experience this again.


Lisa Gerrard (solo)

Lisa knows to break through the heavy emotions with light. It does this by means of sound. She deliberately chose the songs they perform in an existing language, so thought it can not go away. A deeply moving singer  Lisa Gerrard.



Taizé has included some Christian songs in France, which have a soothing effect. Especially the numbers: Agnus Dei dona nobis pacem and Nada Te Turbe are recommended.


Ngingenwe Emoyeni

The South African music Ngingenwe Emoyeni gives strength and courage to stand in earthly life.


The above recommendations can not, of course, everyone immediately hit the right chord. After all, each one has its own vibration with the corresponding sound. Above the inner sound is unlimited fascinating, this is only after experiencing the true silence is reached. This we wish everyone the most.

  • Hein Braat. Om Mani Padme Hum - CD € 18,00
  • Hein Braat. Om Namaha Shivaya - CD € 18,00
  • Hein Braat. Kali Mantra - CD € 18,00
  • Hein Braat. Gayatri Mantra - CD € 18,00