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Neti pot

The neti pot is designed for neti, a cleansing technique include the nose. It is an important part of Ayurveda.

The nasal rinse is used daily by millions of people.

Why use a neti pot?

It removes harmful substances from your breathing apparatus! Breathing filters through the nose and enhances the incoming air. 

  • neti potThe neti pot cleansing:
  • nose Inputs
  • nasal cavities
  • nasal membranes
  • sinus

Healing effects of salt

The healing properties of salt, deal with diseases of the respiratory tract to go, has been known for centuries. The nose of the nasal mucosa has an important role in the immune system. It fights infections and viruses. When the nose content is too slimy or too watery, then it is impossible to effectively transport the hostile particles and micro-organisms.
Bacteria and viruses can then easily enter, multiply themselves and possibly cause infections. The nasal mucosa is stimulated and strengthened by repeated irrigation. This can strengthen the immune system and the function of the nasal mucosa. The delicate connection between the nose and sinuses is kept open.
This reduces the construction of painful inflammation. Nasal irrigation is highly recommended for people with allergic reactions to dust and pollen for example.

Nasal irrigation

Nasal irrigation helps loosen nasal fluid and a dry nasal mucosa. Especially when much exposure to heated or airgeconditioneerde spaces and changing climate, the nose dry quickly. Normal nasal fluid is disrupted and increases the risk of infections increasing. Daily use can be as natural as brushing your teeth. So we are working actively to stable health and sense of wellbeing. 

The use of the neti pot as a nasal rinse gives a refreshing feeling! 

Operating in seven steps:

1. Use lukewarm water and add a solution of salt in Himalayan salt. The salt should be completely dissolved in the water. 

2. Look through which nostril breathing is easiest. 

3. Do the Regulations of the neti pot in the nostril. 

4. Tilt your head slightly forward and then sideways over the sink. Open your mouth and lift the neti pot up so the water running into the nostril. Breathe slowly and gently through the mouth, the water will come out through the other nostril. 

5. come after the irrigation with head up and a blow-out through both nostrils. Ensure there is a tissue close to blowing the nose so that the remaining liquid and nasal contents may be removed. 

6. Repeat the irrigation in the other nostril. 

7. After both nostrils are cleaned, then bending forward and to the left and to the right, so that all liquids can escape. If that does not work, the hands on the knees can be put and let the head hang down and turn left and right.


  • After some practice irrigation will certainly feel enjoyable.
  • It can be done daily and, if necessary, even several times a day.
  • Make sure the neti pot stays clean and remove any dirt or limescale by cleaning with vinegar.
  • With sustained serious complaints is of course advisable to consult a doctor.


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