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Mantra workshop Hein Braat

Mantra - singing and perception by Hein Braat

No one can fully explain the mystery of mantras. Constantly repeated words (mostly in Sanskrit) harmonize on a deep level and help to come into balance. The resonance of these sounds can be deeply felt not only heal ourselves, but others. This workshop is designed for those who always want to learn to sing traditional mantra, for the curious and for those who think they can sing.
Parts of the workshop are:
sing traditional mantra;
Practicing the correct pronunciation;
physical experience of sound and emotions;
Emotions convert sound;
use of mantras.

Hein Braat is a very popular and proficient Sanskrit recitation teacher and he is famous for his deep bass voice. In this workshop he learns turn your text into voice and you can experience how to create inner space and tranquility by chanting mantras. A unique opportunity !!