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Reading the senses may be an opportunity for development. Everything is put down as a symbol and it is about what is meant by that symbolism. This is a mystery that probably does not recognize the man. But we try to make to indicate what. In any event there is something indicated by the other worlds. As above, so below. The question is whether you read or can read. So you can just any book at random open and what you read, at that time just for you. There are some specific methods have been devised to identify symbols.

(Tarot) cards

There are many types of cards. The original cards are meant spiritually, but later only for entertainment and gaming use. The tarot cards Aleister Crowley and Rider Waite are the best known. What is less known is the karma cards, which were used by ancient gurus in India. 
The intention is that a card (or several) pulled out a deck of cards and that gives this insight into a situation or question. The explanation is usually looked up in a book or given by someone who is trained in this.

Oracle der Runen

Runes are stones of an ancient alphabet and Scandinavian origin. The symbols which are put down on the stones, operate according to the same system as the tarot. Also, a number of stones to be drawn here to provide insight. According to the books they are designed for the spiritual warrior. The lyrics are thinner and may provide more information about the reason behind the question.


The pendant is a piece of matter on a string or chain. Following the movement of the pendulum, you can get an answer. It works only with questions where the answer is "yes" or "no" may be on. Basically you ask a question to the higher unconscious. This always gives the right answer. You can ask the pendulum test, first what is "yes" and see which direction the project and this then also to do with "no". Then you can test for yourself by clear questions to ask your higher self, which you know the answer to see if it works.


All these issues are very quickly a trap or barrier or bring blockages. Before you know it you're on a side path. However, there is nothing wrong if you want.

Play nice but the game of life. Try to learn the rules but well, so it can be truly played. Play it loose, it is not the "real thing". It's just illusion, made up of thoughts. The result remains. That's not what the thing is known. It is quite another.