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Yoga and Ayurveda courses & training

As fascinating, part of Yogini. en, we provide fully customized for groups, companies and organizations, workshops and courses. All tailored to individual needs.

What can we offer you?

We offer workshops, training courses. A workshop is a brief introduction to a particular topic. Training courses consist of several sessions. Per session a topic is developed intensively.
Fascinating work in teachers with unique specializations in the field of yoga, communication and personal development. It is possibly also worked with or directed to teachers / therapists who have attained mastery in a particular discipline.

What makes a person deserve such a title?

The are always professional and anyone can issue diplomas or certificates. so that says nothing about the quality. The quality we provide and the referrals we make are carefully tested. The review is done by specialists who have mastery in what is discussed.

Workshops, courses and customized training.

We provide We workshops and courses designed for personal growth and development and better communication within companies and organizations.
Training is often a process of years. Training is not given by itself fascinating. Our country has many organizations that we recommend. On our site you will find links to these programs.