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Ayurvedic products

Ayurveda has many forms of care. Fortunately, the government in the field of health severely.
The Dutch law prohibits the importation of certain herbs or herbal mixtures. Unfortunately, they can not test everything, the quality is not always what we want to expect. You will find products that we have prepared with great skill and care in our quality Ayurvedic products program.  
The Dutch Inspection Board for the Public Commendation Medicines (KOAG) public advertising for medicines and health checks. These are strict, which is good, there are many words should not be given to the promotion of Health. Often this is just because you can not just say something in this area. Pity is that thereby we may not properly report where the products are all good for our program.
Guidelines are neutral body ayurvedic products for each type, but also specifically:
Vata: for normal to dry skin
Pitta: for sensitive skin
Kapha: for oily skin 

Guidelines for hair care are neutral ayurvedic products for each type, but also specifically:

  • Vata: for normal to dry, coarse hair
  • Pitta: for thin hair
  • Kapha: for bold and strong hair
Ayurveda, the mother of all medicine, is the oldest method in the world for maintaining health and preventing and fighting disease.

Body Care

Ayurveda has many products

for the general welfare and



An enema is a

colon cleansing

the colon.


Mental wellbeing

What esoteric

books covered

is located between the spiritual

and psychology

Ayurvedic books

Oriental medicine 

which many assistances

gives a healthy

power supply.


Herbal preparations

an Ayurvedic

addition to the

daily diet.


Neti is an ancient

cleaning technology

to the respiratory tract.



The power of the three doshas

are important for


Herbal teas and beverages

The six tastes: sweet,

sour, salty, bitter, pungent

and wryly.