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Water power of our lives

Drink plenty of water

For all of a healthy lifestyle is important to be comfortable in your own skin. Healthy and varied diet, regular exercise, adequate rest and relaxation and drinking enough water is of paramount importance. For young and old.


The importance of water

Water with a good structure and works beneficial to all life processes of the earth, plants and animals and humans. Most people are becoming increasingly aware that clean drinking water for our health is essential. The soil consists mainly of water, our body consists of approximately 65% ​​water. Most of this water is in our blood.

Thanks to water we can remove waste from our bodies. Water regulates body heat (through sweating) and transports nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our body.



An adult needs about 2.5 liters per day. About 1.5 to 2 liters of water we need to drink, the rest comes from food to us. To moisture to our clear and clean water or good herbal tea or fruit or vegetable drinks, the best. Coffee and tea extracts just water to our body. When we do not have enough water in our system, the brains know that our waste can not be removed and can also fewer nutrients are included. This can lead to serious health.


Water and our government

The government says it must meet our tap water and well water with strict requirements and accurately measures the allowable standards. But what are the standards? His interests and standards appropriate? The claims of some research institutes have that many unhealthy substances such as medicine residues and many toxins are in our tap water. Spring water, which is available in the supermarket, not always clear tests. We therefore recommend using a water treatment to make sure you can take well water to you.


Functions of pure drinking water in a row:

  • the maintenance and transformation of body fluids and body fluids;
  • good circulation and energy distribution;
  • discharging waste products and toxins;
  • absorb nutrients, minerals and vitamins;
  • good digestion;
  • controlling the body temperature;
  • keeping the skin fresh and soft.


Our prosperity and the accompanying industrialization of the water on our planet seriously polluted. The number of unwanted substances in our drinking water is steadily growing, but we know what effect these remnants lime, chlorine, bacteria, drugs, fluorine and herbicides on our bodies? Lime from the water, for example, are not absorbed by the body and can cause blockages in blood vessels, among others.

Lime where our bodies do what has to sit in our (organic) food. Drinking tap water is by this contamination should not have just a purifying effect without risk to our health, while water because much waste can include.

We are many that everyone should have access to safe drinking water and vital without burdening the environment with carrying large amounts of bottled water.