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Self Treatment Recommendations

Ayurvedic offers many products to purify body and mind, to bring the two into balance.



Everything around you being around is divine. In essence, any form is equivalent. Wish why you treat everything with the greatest respect. Do not think you know something better or a higher value than have another being. Each has its own astrological job. The situations are put in front of you to use them not to abuse. The natural law always works according to the law of cause and effect, there is no need for right.


Yoga & Ayurveda Self Purification Products

Due to an increasing interest in pure and natural products we have undertaken over the years a fascinating quest. Has carefully assembled a unique assortment of the finest products we can find.

Assuming that we can use all the good that Mother Earth has to offer. We consider it a great honor to share these products with you. In the shop you will find products that we can use to purify us and to be conscious in our daily lives.


Ayurvedic products

The chakras are the energy in our body.

Yoga & Meditation products

Such as yoga mats, meditation cushions, yoga blankets, yoga bolsters, yoga straps


Pure water is important for our overall health.

Himalayan Salt

As Himalayan salt for internal and external use, halietzout, bath salts, salt lamps and salt packages.

Ear Candles

The Hopi ear candles is a relaxation ceremony with miraculous effect.


Colon cleansing is a great schoning


Mantras are sacred texts written in Sanskrit.


Selection of music that we want to highlight.

Yoga Books  & Ayurveda books

Recommended book matching tracking the spirituelepad.

Spiritual sound instruments

The vibration of the sound, which allows a resudantie can be transferred.



On earth there is enough for everyone's need, unfortunately not everyone's greed. 
Mahatma Ghandi.