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Self Purification Methods



Materials to be used for self purification . Ayurveda has many care for the general welfare and well-being. This holistic approach, which stems from ancient traditions using the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, light and air.

Enema for the cleaning of the darmen.Terwijl our skin has an area of approximately 1.5 m2, and our lungs an internal surface area of about 80 m2, our intestines have a surface area of approximately 300 m2. This is a great large surface where contact occurs with all kinds - unhealthy and toxic - substances. More information?      
Himalayan Salt : From the sea evolved all life on earth. The sea salt, a fascinating mixture of water and numerous minerals, particularly the energy supplies needed to create life. Therefore it is not surprising that our bodies with water and salt is constantly trying to maintain a delicate balance.   
Meditative forms of noise are thousands of years old. This meditative forms are available with and without the sound of the voice. When the sound of the voice is there are his mantras mentioned. Mantras are sacred formulas from the Vedas.  



Everything around you being around is divine. In essence, any form equivalent. Wish why you treat everything with the greatest respect. Do not think you know something better or a higher value than have another being. Only one has its own astrological job. The situations are put in front of you to use them not to abuse. The natural law always works according to the law of cause and effect. there is no need for right.