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Kapha information

Characteristics of Kapha

Kapha: principle of stability.

Kapha is the constitution which is formed by the element of water under the influence of the earth. When kapha is about the earthly, the consistency, the formative force.
Kapha is responsible for building up the body, and is more stable than the other two dosha 's, Pitta , and Vata .
Kapha can be somewhat slow and should therefore be encouraged to be too passive. Because they are somewhat slow and hesitant they can not be easily irritated and live in them often long. The bodily functions are controlled by Kapha are: tissue formation, cell formation, joints and synovial fluid, bone, cerebrospinal fluid, mucous membranes.

Seat of Kapha in the body: head chest

Physical characteristics of Kapha: physique is strong / heavy, skin is oily / shiny / smooth, hair is thick and oily, teeth are strong and white, nails are large, soft and white, eyes are large, digestion is good, voice is full , movements are slow, deep sleep and quiet, sex life is good and consistent and is a very attractive partner.

Mental characteristics of Kapha

Inner peace, good social skills, full of love, generous, friendly, good long-term memory, sparingly.
Kapha - element water / soil - quality stability

Kaphabalancerend living and nutrition

  • People with a dominant kapha dosha in their constitution are not rapidly change. Also wrong living and eating habits have them no direct adverse effect. But on the long run may actually symptoms arise, related to a kapha imbalance. These often have to do with obesity, a feeling of heaviness and slowness.
  • Kapha balancing lifestyle; for kapha people it is important to ensure adequate exercise. Bring in your weekly program a number of times that you ride, (hard) running, gym or doing some other sport movement. Glance what suits you. Get up early, especially after 7:30 pm. Avoid daytime naps. Get plenty of variety in your pursuits day. 


  • Kaphabalancerende nutrition; the flavors where a kapha-man must be careful, sweet and salty. Sugar, fat and high in carbohydrates are less favorable for kapha. Light food is preferable for the naturally heavy dosha.
  • Stimulating food with sharp, bitter and / or astringent taste is preferred. Also, acid may still be used.
  • Since kapha itself is cold, hot food is preferred. Keep therefore limited raw. Use it mainly to stimulus, for example, spicy salad, fiber foods.
  • A good preparation for kapha is braising, stir-frying with little oil or butter, grilling. Boiling, steaming, poaching can of course, but you realize that kapha is wet in nature. Therefore, do not use more water than necessary.
  • See breakfast as a way to start the day, rather than as a necessary nutrient. Keep it light, therefore, as much heat, such as a toasted sandwich, a corn bread from the oven. A cup of bitter chocolate is good with a little honey. Also keep lunch and dinner light. It is a kapha not bother to even skip a meal or occasionally a (juice) to insert fast.

Preferably use:

  • Light food, spicy and invigorating taste.
  • Vegetables: almost all vegetables;
  • Fruits: apples, apricots. Pomegranates, pears, cranberries, dried fruits;
  • Grains: barley, corn, rye, millet, buckwheat, rice;
  • Dairy products: skim milk, boiled eggs should;
  • Meat and fish: white meat, fish (not fat), shrimp;
  • Legumes: all except soy products;
  • Oils: almond, corn, safflower, sunflower and mustard oil;
  • Sweeteners: Honey (not heat)
  • Nuts, seeds: pumpkin, sunflower;
  • Herbs and spices: all. Ginger is very good!

 Be moderate with or omit:

  • Diet high in fat and / or sugar, especially if they are cold. Ice cream, cold drinks, fried foods, whole milk, butter, sugar;
  • Vegetables: zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes;
  • Fruits: pineapple, avocado, banana, dates, grapes, coconut, mangoes, melons, peaches, plums, figs;
  • Grains: oats, wheat much;
  • Dairy: all products except skim milk, boiled eggs;
  • Meat: Red meat, seafood;
  • Legumes: soy products;
  • Oils: all except almond, corn, safflower, sunflower and mustard oil;
  • Sweeteners: all except unheated honey;
  • Nuts, seeds: all but pumpkin and sunflower seeds;
  • Herbs, spices: salt.  

 Kapha guidelines summarized:

  • Warm and light food;
  • Dry food because kapha is moist;
  • Minimum sugar, use butter and oil, maybe some corn oil or almond oil;
  • Taste pungent, bitter and astringent;
  • Stimulating food using spices;
  • At every meal some bitter, through bitter vegetables or salad of leafy vegetables;
  • Too much salt will aggravate fluid retention. The meals will have to stimulate digestion spicy and hot foods are light. The kapha diet can also follow good if you do not come on stream in the morning. When preparing meals a dry preparation (stir-frying, grilling) are kapha better. Use cumin, fenugreek, turmeric and sesame seeds. They are both bitter and astringent. If in the morning shut down the airways, it is good to drink hot water with ginger, lemon juice and honey.

Kapha properties are identified by the following characteristics:

  • well developed body;
  • tend to be overweight;
  • heavy construction;
  • broad chest;
  • thick skin;
  • good muscle development;
  • good healthy complexion;
  • soft, shiny and oily skin;
  • dark, black or blue eyes with clear white sclera;
  • move smoothly and gracefully;
  • little sweating;
  • sleep well and long;
  • good endurance;
  • very vital.

Digestion, appetite, food and drink of the Kapha type:

  • good appetite;
  • slow digestion;
  • love pungent, bitter sharp taste.

Characteristics of Kapha type:

  • are usually happy and contented;
  • be tolerant;
  • quiet;
  • be forgiving;
  • his loving;
  • sometimes greedy;
  • sometimes greedy or possessive;
  • sometimes know envy;
  • slow-witted but remember much;
  • are often wealthy and may well hold money.

Spend get Blans Kapha

Important for all kapha types is getting plenty of physical activity, preferably every day. Do not eat too much and bring variety into your schedule. Find new challenges and go grind out of the way.

Briefly the best life looks like this:

  • do more sport and exercise;
  • get up early and go to bed;
  • Avoid alcohol, nicotine, coffee and tea;
  • span you not too much;
  • avoid hatred and jealousy, you learn to divert thoughts;
  • avoid heavy and fatty foods;
  • Looking challenges;
  • Avoid routine;
  • bring variation to;
  • eat less.


Everything we eat, then not digest, forms toxic waste, which in Ayurveda called "Ama". "Ama" clog the fine body channels (Srotas), vital signs, and when channels are blocked, it causes "Ama" physical and mental health problems. So 'Ama' hidden the body and prevents proper digestion. Good food is therefore necessary. 

Kapha types feel almost always attracted to sweet, savory and especially fatty foods. But bitter, pungent and spicy flavors Kapha types spends most balanced. So eat light and dry food and avoid dairy, cold, greasy and oily products. 

Kapha increases in the spring. At this time of the year, each type with taking diet that reduces the Kapha to get in balance again as Kapha.