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Yoga Mat Review

How to find the right yoga mat in the wide variety of yoga mats? There is a variety of yoga mats developed by the many forms of yoga styles. And there's nothing wrong with that. Below are some specific issues on a yoga mat. Where should a yoga mat and where you can look for when purchasing your mat. The right yoga mat is because for years, and therefore it is very important that you choose the right mat from the wide selection. As we highly value and have everything for you to put a row. 

The object of the yogamat

The purpose of a yoga mat is support while practicing yoga. In addition to support grip, comfort and hygiene is important. When yoga is practiced in yoga studios, yoga school, at home or in the countryside, where you are surrounded by the sound of birds and the smell of grass, the use of a yoga mat and a nice advisable.
Yoga mats are available in various sizes, designs, colors and materials. Choosing from the wide range of yoga mats therefore not easy. There are mats and generally mild to professional use. The developments are in the field of yoga and yoga mats do not stop, all yoga forms ask for a specific yoga mat and producers are looking for the right yoga mat.

Review yoga mats

We have put a number of yoga mats with their features for you at a glance. You can find these in the left column. Give your opinion so that we can bring our products to an even higher level. At the bottom you'll find the shop.


A good yoga mat will give as said support must be rough, the material of good quality and the yoga mat the correct size to suit your posture. The quality of the yoga mat determined in many cases the price. Cheap yoga mats are often slippery and have a short lifespan. The more expensive mats have a better density and are therefore safer and more durable.
A cheap yoga mat has some drawbacks. First, these yoga mats are often very thin and uncomfortable to use. In addition, the smell of the yoga mat because chemicals are used in the yoga mat. The average thickness of a yoga mat is 4 to 5 millimeters. The PVC mats are often slightly thicker so that the yoga mat is less flexible, but it is indestructible. Yoga mats with a thickness of 5 mm or more are recommended for Ashtanga and power yoga.

Comfort and yoga mat

Comfort is personal because there are many aspects play with a sense of comfort. Should the yoga mat retain heat like sheep wool yoga mats or is it the dimensions of security and stability. Yogamat Diamond has a very good grip, cushioning and ensure stability and security on both hard and soft surfaces. But a yoga mat wool provides emotional comfort that the mat feels soft and warm. Also, the density of the material determines the level of comfort, low-density makes the mat weak and offers little assistance. So every yoga mat gives his own comfort feeling.

Grip and yoga mat

Importantly, the grip of a yoga mat, it provides stability and security. With a non-slip yoga mat, the grip is higher, the roughness is determined by the material, manufacturing and external conditions. When choosing the height of the grip factor is the form of yoga.

Longevity and yoga mat

The density of the material determines the quality of the yoga mat. The lower the density, the less the quality that life is limited. Also sweating affects the lifespan. It is therefore advisable to sweat a lot to use a towel or yoga back. The life of a yoga mat does not only depend on the material, so the reasonably comfortable Asana yoga mat is made of PVC on the density only suitable for mild use. The Asthanga mat has a top layer of harder PVC which has been reinforced with fibers and a soft PVC core so that to entrust this is heavy.

Environmental impact and yoga mat

The production of PVC and TPE Yoga mats will continue rolling. The roller is a very thin layer of paraffin oil, so the yoga mat will not stick to the roll. This oil can not completely remove the manufacturer, which in the beginning the yoga mat has not fully optimal rigidity and the yoga mat has a slight rubber odor. By properly cleaning the yoga mat with a mild soap oil goes (mostly) off.

Notes to the yoga mats rating:

overall: Does the yoga mat to your expectations. Write to note your findings.
Comfort: Material type, dimensions and material properties.
grip: How is the grip of the yoga mat?
lifespan: Is your life expectancy?
environmental impact: Environmental choice is decisive?