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Enema cleaning

An enema is a colon cleansing or colonics. Through a special bag with a tube to it, there is water (possibly with additives) introduced via the anus into the colon. As a result, the available waste materials are old and feces soaked off of the intestinal wall. There are several treatment methods. One distinguishes two types of enemas: cleansing with water alone or with nourishing herbs. There are also offered high colonics at various centers.
The origin of Vati (enema) is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is a 5000 year old Indian medicine, which over time is almost always used in India. The word "Ayur" means "Life" and "Veda" means "knowledge". Ayurveda means science of life. 

The purpose of an enema

The intention is also hard crusts and lumps, which have firmly put in over the years to the intestinal wall, soaking and pulling it, because they are a source of self-poisoning. Symptoms - or directly related to a malfunctioning of the colon - may disappear, thanks to this natural cleaning process. The enema aims, besides the removal of digestive residues also stimulate the liver to produce bile, which enters through the bile ducts into the intestines. With the bile to be removed all kinds of undesirable substances.

How often cleanse the colon?

Of course, you may decide in consultation with (ayurvedic) expert how an enema treatment is appropriate and responsible. We recommend that you take an enema twice a year. Preferably in spring and autumn. In these times the body is most in need of cleaning. In specific health can, possibly after consultation, may undergo several treatments. This also depends on your lifestyle and eating habits. Enemas are often used in combination with fasting and cleansing treatments. Once you decide to undergo cleaning, you can row or multiple times throughout the day using an enema. Enemas you can use a week in succession, more than a week only on medical advice. When there are used during the fasting enemas, the cleaning effect of the cure will be even greater and the fixed-crisis, a lot less severe.

Are there dangers to administer an enema?

For preventive use for inner cleansing, you must consider the following points:

  •  The temperature of the water should be around the body temperature (37 degrees); especially not too hot or too cold!
  •  Using pure and clean water. Preferably in first well to a boil and let it cool, so you can be sure that no harmful bacteria in it.
  •  Use clean pots and enema

An enema is often used for digestive problems. In many cases it is because a positive effect on. In some cases it is used in diseases. It may mean no more than a tool, like persistent constipation. The blockage is solved (temporarily), but the stool should eventually recover on its own. Be careful arise in bowel or irritable bowel syndrome, because in some cases temporary cramps. Some "scientists" possible risk may be that the balance between good and bad bacteria is disrupted in the intestines, which can cause infections faster. If we take this into consideration, the advice is not often take an enema.

We refrain from GEVN an opinion about whether you can use an enema for severe intestinal diseases. This could be best done in consultation with a doctor. Regular doctors and even colon, stomach, and liver specialists, however, sometimes have never heard of Ayurveda. Yet they often see no danger of taking an enema, unless the above recommendations are observed.

How to use an enema?

An enema treatment is entirely painless and often leads to remarkably good results. The result is that the intestines are cleaned, but also can improve the mood. During fasting, it is best to use an enema every morning and the first 2 to 3 days even more (no more than two hours elapse between the enemas). If you are not certain you can do it at any time.
The enema consists of introducing a half to three liters of clean water (or white coffee KALDI II) - on body - through the anus. Important is a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and plenty of time to run off the rinse water.
1. Connect the valve on the supply pipe and fill the enema bag with liquid. 
2. Hang the bag at a height of 1 - 1.5 m. It is possible to put the bag on the floor and start lifting up the enema. (the higher the more water pressure) 
3. inclined sit back on the toilet or lie on the floor or in the bathtub. 
4. Apply slide cream (Vaseline) to the anus and the nozzle. 
5. Place the mouthpiece slowly and gently into the anus. 
6. Open to open the supply through the valve and allow the liquid to flow into the intestine. 
7. If there is a "feel full", the supply of the liquid can be stopped. 
8. Massage the intestine in the opposite direction so that the water also comes in rising intestine. Begin left, then straight up to the ribs, then turn right and down. Try to keep the full 10 to 15 minutes. 
9. Allow the liquid to flow into the toilet. 
10. The process can be repeated.
If no more than one or two cups of liquid can take, please always small enemas. On average, an adult use a 0.5 to 2.5 liters of fluid. The procedure is generally repeated several times until the intestine is completely rinsed. Do not be alarmed by the air, are all old dried-on food that come off now. Will gradually change the smell and appearance. The best results are achieved if the water is retained long and the intestine during the enema get massaged gently.

When the intestines are clean?

The color of the water! When the water is clean then you can assume that your colon is clean too. However, some people have over the years may have multiple layers of mucus and hard pieces in their intestine, which required days or weeks to come loose.

KALDI II white coffee

We recommend that in addition to taking an enema with water, also take an enema with KALDI II white coffee. First, a number of times an enema with water until the water comes back to what is reasonably clean. Then to conclude an enema with KALDI II white coffee. The coffee enema is centuries old and proven method. By working with the very special and unique KALDI II white coffee you ensure that the bowel will also get a care. The KALDI II white coffee gives off high-grade minerals in the intestines, which ensure that can restore the gut of treatment. To create the KALDI II white coffee can work best with plunger coffee or high tea bags. Through a coffee filter bag will not go through properly. 

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