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Kids yoga courses

Kids yoga is: BE WHO YOU ARE
What is kinderyoga?
Children accept as they are, give the space, LOVE and handles they need to grow into confident, relaxed mature people capable of loving their area to go on. There is no competition, it need not perform many children experienced as a relief. Everyone does what he can . So yoga is suitable for all children.
Children's yoga is different than yoga for adults; while adults turn inward to discover themselves again, children need space to manifest itself, to express who they are. Kinderyoga therefore movement is dynamic. Playing moving, developing, ex-wrap, loose and uninhibited, otherwise the in-wrapped. Yoga offers children the tools that they carry with them the rest of their lives.
For the youngest group lessons are often given in the form of fairy tales, stories and poems, they play in their own "play" the leading role. The yoga postures (asanas) are simple. Using various tools, such as music, rags, crafts and drawing materials, which the children express themselves.
In older children, the exercises are performed dynamically, but can be longer sustained. Everything can be discussed deeper, visualizations are not always portrayed as the youngest, but more inwardly experienced.
The questions young people with or without playing physical and emotional changes a completely different approach. The exercises, is a flow of movement and this along with the breathing. The group discussion is often discussed the yama and niyamas with their own look and approach to the moral ideals and regulations. They know from the inside what is right, and often do not require the externally imposed rules.
With a pause (meditation) finishes each lesson.
Workshop Kinderyoga custom
Who is this course:
teachers; Youth workers; Preschool teachers; Parents;
Leave your drama class, music class or just class at school, intregeer yoga;
Companies: as part of a corporate event.
Theme: yoga and play
The playful yoga exercises we experience joy in ourselves. The exercises provide new insight and increase their own movement. Consciousness movement. This creates a gap in our attitude towards ourselves and others. By relaxing we come to creative abilities and therefore expand our capabilities. Relaxing body and mind.
We use the following topics and associated commands:
What is yoga?
kinderyoga why?
Who am I ?
What is my purpose in life?
Exercises teach us the limits of ourselves and know and respect others, living in the now.