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Chakras (energy management)

Chakras associated with the physical body, the chakras are the energy in our body. There are a total of seven centers. The following links lead to detailed information about the chakras. 


Aarde Chakra

EARTH MOELADHARA (Muladhara)  Chakra

This is the base chakra. The centum is in the coccyx, be built up here, all the physical elements of the body.

Read more about the MOELADHARA CHAKRA


water chakra

WATER Svadhisthana (Swadhisthana)  CHAKRA

This is the water chakra where the emotion is in.


Read more about the svadhisthana CHAKRA


vuur chakra


FIRE Manipura (Manipura)  Chakra

This is the fire chakra

Read more about the Manipura CHAKRA


lucht chakra

AIR Anahata (Anahata)  CHAKRA

This is the love / hate chakra


Read more about the Anahata Chakra


eter chakra


This is the communication chakra


Read more about the VISOEDDHA CHAKRA


denken chakra

THOUGHTS Ajna (Ajna)  Chakra

This is the mind chakra



Read more about the Ajna Chakra


licht chakra

LIGHT SAHA RARA (Sahasrara)  charka

This is the light chakra



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