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Tongue Cleaner & tongue cleaner

Cleaning the tongue is part of the daily cleaning of Ayurvedic a yoga practitioner.

A stainless steel or copper thin and flexible flat bar, which is cleaned, the tongue after brushing teeth. Millions of bacteria are thus removed, the improved quality of the saliva, digestion is promoted and encouraged the freshness of breath. Moreover tongue cleaning is symbolic clean it and keep what we put into our body (food and beverage), and what we get from (speech, language). 

How to usea tongue cleaner or tongue cleaner Stick your tongue out of the mouth; 

  • Place the tongue cleaner on whole back of your tongue; 
  • Pull the tongue cleaner slowly forward; 
  • Clean the tongue cleaner with water; 
  • Repeat this about five times; 
  • Rinse your mouth with water; 
  • Clean the tongue cleaner well, before storing.