Yoga - Meditation - Ayurvedic
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 Newsletter Yoga and Ayurveda is the way of life that inspires us, that keeps us busy, a way of life that we like to share with you. Yoga means connection, everything is connected, therefore, is almost appoint all under yoga. Yoga is the quest of the inner path. A path that is described in Sanskrit and seers as one of the oldest written texts were written on earth and given as a guideline for development to humanity. Scriptures that all parts of the cosmos and humanity and how the functioning of the laws of nature, describing. Yoga is more or less focused on the spiritual aspect, individual development (which you are not in one life), and Ayurveda related to the physical aspect, personal health. With our newsletter we will keep you informed of new developments regarding yoga, Ayurveda and conscious products. Sign up for our newsletter and receive every 50th person submitting a nice gift.