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Yamas & Niyamas

The yama and niyams are the first two limbs of the eightfold path of Patanjali, they give direction. The Yamas give direction to the question of what you should not do as a yoga student and Niyamas demand what you like studying yoga in your act would have to do.




Physical violence in deeds, but also in words and thoughts. Cause of violence is often sought outside ourselves, but is in ourselves. Cause "each Mensje a wensje" or necessarily want or need. See attached (to matter, life, ego) stating: through awareness / alertness, loving and surrender / acceptance.



What we perceive through the senses is not the truth. The aim is the truth that is already reflected in us. Lips and heart to get in line. Honesty with regard to ourselves and our thinking. sincerely. Who is telling the truth, mostly silent. Path to encourage. Faithful to the truth, with or without the approval of the other. Do not be afraid to go alone.


Do not steal

Steal into action, but also words and thoughts. To own gain. Greed. The want. But there is nothing to get everything passes only. With empty hands die and be born again. There is plenty of everything when you live in harmony with the law of give and take.



Be moderate with sex and stick to one partner. But it also saves on food and drink. Do not be greedy, but focus on becoming one.



Curb the wishes and desires. We want satisfaction. This is only if the desire is fulfilled. So the solution is to specify the needs and desires.




Both of body and mind. Body By pure food and clean environment. Mantra chanting.



Whether lucky or against.



Treaties, not from repression but from insight. Exercise in balance. No load is too heavy.


Self study

There are resources like books and writings and lectures of wise and learned. But it is to be aware and to look at yourself honestly. Observer to and look inside and be yourself. We come back later.



Not from weakness, be wimp, but a free choice, this gives an incredibly powerful inner state. It is an inner process: surrender to the higher Inner Self. "Thy will be done" without inner resistance.

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