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Meditation cushions & benches

Using meditation cushion or bench meditation helps in hiring the right hold, creating a meditative state is best expressed. The body structure and the flexibility of the practitioner determines the height and width of the meditation cushion or stool.

What does a meditation cushion or a stool?

A meditation cushion or meditation bench helps to adopt the right attitude, creating a meditative state can be best expressed. It is good to sit on the floor. From Hinduism talks about God Isvara. His energy is strongest on the ground. This energy creates a quiet and concentration. It is important to keep your back as straight as possible and the body and mind to relax.

Height and width of meditation cushions

The height and width to the physique and flexibility of the practitioner. People who meditate a lot and flexible muscles like to sit as low as possible. When the body does not build, it's just more comfortable to sit higher. In yoga schools you see why some practitioners even sit on two cushions. Beginners often make cushions or yoga blocks under the knees to sit comfortable. People with a wide seat would prefer a broad yoga cushion to take place. It is about what is perceived as comfortable. Meditation cushions are therefore available in different heights and widths. When more tolerance is meditating, can be extracted from some filling the cushion in the course of time. Worldwide, the most common size is approximately 12 cm high with a diameter of 30 cm.

Color Meditation cushions

On for taste, but behind a color is a lot significance. Look above you agree to the chakras . On this site you will learn more about the meaning of a color. Does the desire for a peaceful (Shiva energy) color or just a fiery color (Rajas)? The best selling pillows are of one color, but we also have pillows with a combination of colors, patterns and a beautiful print, in our range.

Choice of material

The fabric of the covers of our meditation cushions, all have a high quality standard. Generally they are made of high quality cotton. There are pillows in velvet version. Most meditation pillows have an inner cover so that the cover can be easily washed. Meditation cushions are made of cotton, to clean the sleeves, the usual washing instructions.

Filling a meditation cushion

Buckwheat chaff is most commonly used as a filling. It is resilient, cool and comfortable sitting. Buckwheat is durable and long lasting good. After frequent use wear something filling, refilling is no problem as possible. It is also good to get the buckwheat filling once every 1 to 2 years out, to let it breathe.
Kapok is another meditation stuffing for pillows, it is softer than buckwheat chaff. The downside is that the kapok collapsing much faster than is less pleasant.
Other filling materials are cotton or synthetics.

Price quality

We seek to provide a practitioner about the best possible product, which meets high standards. We look at the comfortable, color fastness, it is washable and has a long life. What also has our attention, attention to the environment and health of people and producers. Most of our products we source from India. We have these things made proper arrangements. We know that the people there are treated well and receive a reasonable salary. We are looking for as many commodities that are grown organically and minimize environmental impact.

We therefore offer our pillows at a responsible and low price! Compare it with our colleagues who are also selling meditation cushions. The meditation benches are made of wood Netherlands with CFC mark.

  • Meditation Chair Mandir burgundy € 49,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir blue € 49,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir green € 49,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir gray € 49,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir black € 49,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir XL burgundy € 59,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir XL blue € 59,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir XL green € 59,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir XL gray € 59,95
  • Meditation Chair Mandir XL black € 59,95
  • Meditation mat Square burgundy € 34,50
  • Meditation mat square blue € 34,50
  • Meditation mat square yellow € 34,50
  • Meditation mat Square Green € 34,50
  • Meditation mat Square Orange € 34,50
  • Meditation mat Square purple € 34,50
  • Meditation Bench Cushion burgundy € 9,75
  • Meditation Bench Cushion yellow € 9,75
  • Meditation Cushion Bank indigo € 9,75
  • Meditation Bench Cushion orange € 9,75
  • Meditation Bench Cushion purple € 9,75
  • Meditation Bench Cushion black € 9,75
  • Meditation Chair Japanese Zaisu black € 75,00