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What is Gnosis?


Gnosis is knowledge, however, no knowledge of the head. It is living knowledge, timeless and universal. Throughout time, it found expression. It mainly connection with the West, especially the Christian movement. You could say the inside of Christianity. The Nag Hammedi writings, for example, are also an expression of gnosis. This shed an entirely different light on the Bible and the life of Jesus.

The group where the pure Gnosis has been expressed, it lectorium rosicrucianum. This is a Spiritual School confluence polite is what Gnosis can offer. It is a type of bedding, a structure of all kinds of meetings. They call themselves Rosicrucians, though there are several movements that call themselves Rosicrucians. Yet Gnosis can be individually experienced, waking up inside. Condition is an openness, openness of heart. For Gnosis talks initially and up to the heart. Gnosis is present in the heart, in other words, it is know in the heart. There you can Connect with. It can be an internal guideline from which you can start living your life. This means taking responsibility for your life, fulfill your Soul.

It is a way of self-authority as the Rosicrucians call it. No one can determine how your way, what is good or bad for you. Eventually you know this yourself when you listen to your Soul. It means that you yourself can hide behind anything or anyone anymore. The world does not exist, you can create your own world in your mind all the images you have about the world. Yourself by seeing, ego, whatever you're full of it, is the way of Gnosis. Under the direction of Gnosis, the time-honored Knowing. Conscience speaking. Not a conscience formed by the culture but truly a timeless universal Know

An important key point is that happiness can not be found out but located inside. That wants to flourish, such as the Rosicrucians call it, the Rose in the heart. You will carry out more and more. There you may find more fulfillment. True Gnosis has always connect with the love, not a love that is of this earth but of duality. One Love is always Love and nothing depends. As Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this earth ....


If you are interested; a site in which it expressed Gnosis is Knowledge in the heart. The Inspirer them live this Gnosis and from there come every day, new texts and speculations expressed. A large archive has been caused to many, many Gnostic texts. His name is Kagib. He also released a book from the same Spirit.