Self purification is a broad concept but the concept can be brought back to mind and body. Balancing body and mind in an exploration into the what, why and how.  What state is the body and mind, there should be purified either needs to be adjusted the way of life. Life is polite as it might, the body is on the same wavelength as the spirit. Stress, fatigue and restlessness are signs of imbalance.

Body, mind and selfpurification

Practicing yoga is one of the ways to self purification. Yoga is making connection between body and mind. The practice of yoga ensures peace, stability and a different way of thinking and looking. It's no longer look but also see and not only hear but also listening. Listen to the body and balancing with the spirit.

Other ways of selfpurification

Other ways of self purification Meditative forms of sound are many thousands of years old. This meditative forms are there with and without the sound of the voice. Once the sound of the voice is there, they are called mantras. Mantras are sacred formulas from the Vedas. Man tra means liberation of thought. By pressing the sound in the mantra to focus let the thought patterns. The universe will get space in the thought and is permitted.  

Mantras are sounds from the universe by Saints as captured and transmitted orally for centuries until they were written down in Tibetan as Vedas and Scriptures. They are now accessible to everyone. Mantras are a bridge between personality and the universal spiritual potency. Mantra chanter at healing and brings the experience deeper layers of the self, silent.

One of the famous chanter / singer of mantra is Hein Braat. Spoken, thought or sung Mantra can be a way of meditation and so creating the possibility to experience the mystical essence of the great world religions. Universal love, light and unity. Some mantra he sings: Gayatri, Kali ans Om Namaha Shivaya. Read more and listen to the warm voice of Hein Braat